Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer of Love by Katie Fforde

I have loved Katie Fforde's books ever since I read The Second Thyme Around (now called Thyme Out) in 2000. Summer of Love is a wonderful story about Sian, a city girl who moves to the country with her young son. She is settling into village life and meets her neighbor Fiona with whom she develops a strong friendship. When Fiona's son Gus comes home from exploring, Sian realizes he is the one night stand that resulted in her much loved son. 
The results of this news affect Sian's relationships with her new friend and Gus. Fiona is also sorting out her feelings about a man she has met and who she is very attracted to. I enjoyed all of the angst and craziness that ensues while these couples sort out their lives. As always, Ms. Fforde does a great job with her characters even when they aren't behaving their best. 
I'm also excited that American readers can get these great books without having to order from overseas sellers as I have had to do to get the books.

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