Sunday, November 1, 2015

Melting Into You by Laura Trentham

Melting into You is the third book in the Falcon football series. I have enjoyed every book in the series and this one is no exception. Lilliana Hancock has returned to Falcon after a time in New York working on her art. When her father- with whom she had a love/hate relationship- leaves her the crumbling family home, she decides to turn it into a B&B. Standing in her way is Alec Grayson, inspector, HS football coach, and the former pro football player. Lilliana had always had a thing for Alec until her dream seemingly came true in college and they “hooked up”. Sadly, Alec left the next morning with barely a word and Liliana has not been a fan ever since.

When Alec comes early for his home inspection, Lilliana has relaxed with a little homegrown help and the long simmering attraction comes to a head and she propositions him. After incredibly hot sex, Alec gets it in his head that she is trying to “bribe” him into passing the inspection and again leaves her alone and angry.

I was glad that these two could finally talk about what happened and start to have a real relationship. Lilliana makes a conscious decision to not tell him about their encounter in college when it becomes clear Alec doesn’t remember. Alec and Lilliana become involved in the bad home situation of one of Alec’s players and that brings them even closer. Their strong attraction to each other keeps them together through ups and downs and the sex is pretty darn good as well.

The great thing about books in a series is seeing old favorite characters from previous books interspersed in the story. This book could be read on its own but I recommend reading the others as well. I hope we’ll see more of Falcon in future books.

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  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Sharon! Thrilled you enjoyed the series:)