Sunday, July 26, 2015

11 years of hunky dragons and their mates- who would of thought!

When I picked up You Slay Me in 2004, who knew I was starting an 11 year love affair with dragons and their mates. It's been a long wait since the last book in 2012 so I'm happy to see my favorites back in a new theme of Black Dragons with Kostya, one of the moodiest of all the dragons.
Aoife Dakar goes to a Goth Faire with a new guy she has met and ends up in the Home for the Bewildered for 2 years after witnessing a magical murder and actually telling people about it. She also gains possession of a magical ring which holds the key to ending the curse on the dragons. When Aoife literally runs into demon dog Jim and then saves Kostya from drowning, her life takes a huge turn for the strange. Kostya is smoking hot literally and figuratively and Aoife falls for him in a big way.She winds up meeting Aisling, Drake and other dragon folk and becoming the one person who might end the dragon curse.

I so enjoyed this book and Aoife's quirky character. Some might find her annoying but I enjoyed her bizarre euphemisms for swear words and her confusion about everything going on around her. Efferjim the demon is back being the snarky, narcissistic Newfie called Jim and helps add to the confusion in Aoife's life. Aoife and Kostya are the latest in a long line of dragons and their mates whose stories have been fun to read. I look forward to the continuation of the Black Dragon story.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's been a long time since the last book in this series and I was so happy to see this one. I have always enjoyed the Lizzy & Diesel stories and this one is just as much fun as the others. Lizzie and Diesel are after another of the Seven Deadly Sin Stones, this time the Stone of Avarice. As usual the duo is competing with Diesel's cousin Wulf and his wacky lackey, Hatchett, to get the stone. Lizzie's friends Clara and Glo play significant parts in this book along with Glo's supposedly magic broom and enchanted Magic 8 Ball. There is an interesting new villain, Martin Ammon, who has some pretty funny moments in the book.

This is a nice mix of fun and mild suspense with a touch of forbidden romance between Lizzie and Diesel. I hope the next book in the series comes in a much lesser span of time than this one.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon

When Iris learns her husband wants a divorce, she goes into brain shutdown. Her life is falling apart, she can't get anything right with her kids, and she has to get ready to go participate in her perfect sister's wedding. She decides to head for New Hampshire early and leaves her husband with the children. 

When she gets home, she finds that a lot has changed. Her sister, Leah, has turned the family's small farm stand into a thriving business. There is a hunky local who is rehabbing an antique barn on the property that Iris knew in high school. Her sister arrives with her fiance and Iris suspects that all is not as it seems.

This was a great story about a woman who has lost control of her own life and rediscovers the strength of her inner self. Her rocky relationships with her mom, sister and husband won't get better until she examines her own role in those relationships. When she can look honestly at those situations she can look at a possible new one. An enjoyable read about families and getting a do-over in life.  This is a new author for me and I'm hoping to see more from her.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Obsession in Death-Fabulous #40 in the series!

What can one say about the 40th book in a series other than Wow!; how does J.D. Robb keep doing this? 

Obsession in Death is a page turner about a murderer who offers their kills as an homage to Lt.  Eve Dallas.  Eve knows that this type of fixation will eventually turn against her and has to solve the case before that happens. 

What I really liked about this book was how it showed the personal growth that Eve has made since the first book in being able to let go of her need to only count on herself. All of the favorites are in the book, Mira, Nadine, Mavis and some new names are added in Cop Central. As the killer keeps moving closer to a confrontation, Eve has to rely on her friends and coworkers to shoulder some of the load she carries. She and Roarke have a couple of sheet burning episodes in this book and the cop and her civilian consultant have their teamwork down working to catch the killer.

This is such an amazing series. The little touches, like Eve and baby Bella interacting, add so much to each book and keep you hooked. The continuity is perfect.I loved reading it and now I'm stoked to listen to the amazing Susan Ericksen audio version.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Re-reading old favorites.....why do I do this?

So, I have a gazillion eARC's that I should be reading and reviewing,  but,instead I am re-reading the entire Fortune Hunters series by Christina Dodd.  
It started when I began listening to the audio version of Tongue in Chic in my car  I decided that I needed to read the other books in the series and also the series before that connects to this one, Lost Texas Hearts.  I have all of the books so off I went.

I love listening to audio books! but sometimes they just go too slow with my short commute, so I find myself listening to books I have read before. Sometimes it's a book I read really quickly and want to revisit. Other times it's a book by a favorite author that I usually enjoy but found this one book not up to par.  When I listen to it, I often find that I enjoy it more than when I read it. 

The other thing that happens, is what happened this time, it triggers the need to read all of the other books in the series just because! Oh, well, it's a long weekend and it's only time..... 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Julia Quinn writes another book that is a perfect blend of romance and humor!

This book begins with the dreaded Smythe-Smith music recital. For Sir Richard Kenworthy, one of the unfortunate musicians seems to be the answer to a problem he has. For reasons unknown, he has to get married and soon. Iris Smythe-Smith catches his eye and he determines to marry her. Iris is a smart cookie and she is rightly suspicious of Sir Richard's motives when he comes courting. But, they did have a good time talking at the recital and he doesn't seem to mind her outspokenness so Iris finds herself falling for him. When Richard compromises Iris and forces the wedding, they both hope for the best. Things seem to be working out well until Iris finds out what a big secret Richard is keeping.

This book has all of the humor and romance that one expects from a Julia Quinn story. Iris is a perfect Quinn heroine, full of spunk and very intelligent. Richard just barely keeps from falling over into the cad category with his motives for marriage but he really is a man with a good heart which redeems him. There is just the right amount of spice in the story and lots of clever conversation. One of the best parts for me is when we finally get to see a rendition of the infamous 12 act unicorn play written by Frances Pleinsworth in "A Night Like This".

This book is a wonderful addition to a great series but can be read by a new reader with no problem. But I have to say, if you can,  read all of the books in the series because you won't regret it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sports themed romance novels- more and more popular!

I just finished reading Covering Kendall, a football themed romance novel about a woman GM of a football team.  She begins a relationship with a player from another team and all kinds of trouble occurs. The author, Julie Brannagh, has written 3 other popular books in her Love and Football series. I have really loved all of the books and actually learned quite a bit about football which was not one of my favorite sports. In this latest book, the issue of domestic violence is a part of the book which was written well before the latest NFL issues began to surface.  One thing about the romance writers, they have covered women's issues well before mainstream fiction ever did.

Sports themed romance novels are gaining in popularity. Romance novels of all types generated over 1.4 billion dollars in sales last year (the top rated fiction genre followed by Mystery/crime). As genres change in popularity, sports heroes seem to be hot right now in sales and on covers. There are series about hockey -Deirdre Martin's New York Blades, Rachel Gibson's Seattle Chinooks, Toni Aleo's Assassins etc. There are football series, Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Chicago Stars series was one of the first to hit really big. Since then, Jaci Burton, Julie Brannagh, Bella Andre and Jami Davenport all have well read series. There are writers like Lori Foster who is currently writing about MMA or Kat Latham who writes about rugby.

All of the books have a lot in common.  The heroes are usually pretty stand up guys who are loyal and committed to their teams.  Some are mansluts and some are homebodies. Some are self centered jerks and some are gentlemen. They are usually in great physical shape (see the picture above) and also financially well off. What is interesting is that in a lot of the books, the women work for the teams in some capacity or are strong fans of the featured team.  There are a lot of books with female athlete heroines but that's another blog post.  Avid female sports fans are gaining in numbers. NASCAR worked with Harlequin on a series of books a few years ago that contained a lot of information about how NASCAR worked and what the rules are.  I'm sure they gained some fans because of those books.

I guess all of these hunky athletes are today's versions of the medieval warriors, foreign billionaires, and English lords who were the norm years ago when I first started reading this genre.  Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble all have pages devoted to sports romance fiction so readers can find authors to enjoy. I know that I am certainly enjoying reading all of these books!  Maybe I'll start watching football.....or hockey.