Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Love those Chicago Stars! First Star I See Tonight by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Reading a SEP book is like meeting up with an old friend. You know that when you are done, you are going to feel warm and fuzzy and glad you spent the time with them. In this new book, Piper Dove has bought out her deceased father's detective agency and has her first big client. The job requires investigating former Stars QB Cooper Graham. Unfortunately for Piper, Cooper makes her and she gets fired. The upside is that Cooper hires her to work at his new club after she exposes some shady dealings going on at the site. Since the job includes a free apartment, she agrees and they begin spending a lot of time together. Piper makes some pretty crazy decisions while at the same time giving Cooper some great advice. However, when things get more serious, she can't get over her concern about their different lives.
This is a fun romance with SEP's trademark humor and snarkiness between the couple. The supporting characters are fun too and move the story along. Piper is the feisty chick we wish we could be sometimes and Cooper is that dream guy- gorgeous body but with a nice heart to go with it.
Besides the wonderful main love story, one of my favorite things about a Stars book is seeing older characters pop up in the storyline. This always makes me remember their story and how much I enjoyed it. I especially liked seeing Heath "the Python" Campion in this book. He and Annabelle were one of my favorite couples. The mix of old and new characters was perfect in this book. I hated to get to the end.

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