Friday, July 22, 2011

Shoutout to Netgalley

One of the great things about being a librarian who writes a blog is the eligibility to access Netgalley. Netgalley is a website which aloows members to read upcoming books months in advance of their publishing date. The wonderful thing about Netgalley is not only getting to read the books early but also to be able to read new authors you might not have otherwise tried. Since we generally order books from a list published 2 months in advance, Netgalley gives us the chance to read books that we might not have ordered because of the short description. The little bites don't always give the essence of the book and we pass on a book that could be a good one.

The other nice thing about Netgalley is that it is digital. I can load the advanced copy (ARC)to my Nook and have it for 2 months to read and review. Since we generally can't use ARC books in the library, having a digital version is much greener-saves a tree or two!

Whoever thought of Netgalley-kudos to you! Follow the Reader blog has declared this to be Netgalley month So I am joining the celebration and enjoying as many galleys as I can for the month.

Happy Reading!

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