Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pursuit by Karen Robards

When the First Lady dies in a fiery car crash, rookie attorney Jessica Ford is the only survivor of the tragedy. As the nation mourns, Ford has reason to believe it wasn't an accident. One by one, others in the First Lady's inner circle are being killed. Jessica must find out why- before she's next. ( 2010 -Synopsis form Barnes&

I  have always enjoyed Karen Robards' books. She has a new book coming out next week which is the second in the Jessica Ford series. When I would read the information and they would refer to Pursuit and it's plot, I gradually realized I had never read the book. So, I did!

Jessica Ford is a lawyer in a prestigious D.C. law firm, who, through a bizarre series of events ,ends up as the only survivor of a fatal car crash that kills the First Lady. After she is attacked in the hospital ,she partners with Mark Ryan, a Secret Service Agent. Together they try to figure out who is involved in the plot and who is behind it.

This is suspense from beginning to end. You don't know who to trust and who is the enemy. When you have no access to your normal resources, how do you survive in a city? When the government may be your enemy, how do you get information?  The story keeps you on your toes all the way through and the resolution is a total surprise.The romance between Jessica and Mark is developed in a believable way even when you're not sure at first if he is actually on her side.

 I can't wait for Justice, the next book, to come out next week!

RPL notes: Pursuit is available in the Adult Fiction, Large Print and Audio CD version at the library

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