Friday, July 29, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened in Computer Class Last Night.....

I was teaching my computer class last night and I was talking about Facebook. One of the students asked me how one posts a picture, so I went into My Pictures to show them how you do it.  In the course of scrolling through the pictures, this picture popped up onto the screen.
And, when I say the screen, I mean a big movie screen that my laptop was attached to. One of the students said " What is that picture?" and they all started to chortle.  I explained about writing the blog and a little about the Psy/Changeling series. One of the ladies thought it sounded pretty good ,so maybe she will read them.  Today, I was thinking about the fact that I have never written about this really excellent paranormal series from author Nalini Singh.

The premise of the series is that a race of humanoid beings called the Psy have developed a protocol called the PsyNet which keeps all emotion supressed. All of the members of the Psy are connected to the Net telepathically and on some level physically. There are different types of Psy ability and different levels of pyschic ability, the highest being Cardinal. A conservative group of Psy are advocating for a protocol called the Silence, because the PsyNet is starting to break down and some  Psy are going insane.  There is a power struggle going on among the ruling group, the Psy Council ,and lots of backstabbing and mayhem is happening. ( Hmm- kind of sounds like Washington LOL)

In addition to the Psy, the country is populated by various races of animal Changelings. The largest ones are the Snow Dancer Wolfpack and the Dark River Leopards, both based in California. There are also humans in the mix.  The Psy and the Changelings have an uneasy truce which is fracturing from pressure by the conservative Psy faction.

The first book in the series is Slave to Sensation and tells the story of Sasha Duncan, daughter of a Council Member, and a Cardinal E Psy ( Empath). She is starting to feel emotion and has been labeled as damaged.  This makes her dangerous to the PsyNet and she is marked for rehabilitation, a super lobotomy. She makes her way to the Dark River group and into the life of the Alpha, Lucas.

This a a great series if you enjoy paranormal romance and are not a big fan of the vampire, bloodthirsty, paranormals ( which I am not). There is plenty of action and romance and the ongoing back and forth between the two races is interesting. I was luck y enough to meet Ms. Singh at the ALA convention and get a signed copy of the book shown above.

RPL Note: We have all of the books in the series at RPL in the Adult Fiction area. Kiss of Snow is in New Fiction.

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