Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book addict's dilemma

I am a huge Katie Fforde fan. Four years ago my daughter student taught in London and I was almost more excited about getting Katie's books on audio than seeing my daughter- I said almost.  So today, I find  out that Ebay has one of her most recent books up for auction ending Sunday at 1:15 PM. This is good news because you can't get them here and if you order them from the one company that sells them over the pond, it costs between 80-100 dollars plus shipping.  So what is the problem....
Sunday at 1:15 PM I will be in a restaurant getting together with a group of people I haven't seen in 40 years since  HS graduation. How tacky would it be if I brought my laptop and just stepped aside for a couple of minutes to complete the auction? The sad thing is that I never go anywhere and the last time one of her audiobooks turned up I had a meeting at work that started just before the auction ended and I lost out by $1.00 with a pre-bid.
Oh well, I  wish this would be the biggest problem in my life. Things work out as they are meant to,

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