Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Sparrow Sisters-an intriguing read!

Such an interesting book! The Sparrow sisters, Patience, Nettie and Sorrell live in the ancestral home and own a nursery that seems to be the barometer of the town's mental and physical health. When Henry arrives in town to be the new doctor, he discovers a sort of rival in Patience who is viewed as a healer by the townsfolk. Henry's ire is tempered by his immediate attraction to Patience and her reluctant return of that feeling. As the two become closer to each other, their happiness is tempered by a unspoken distrust of what the other stands for. 

When a tragedy happens, the town and the relationship is poisoned by distrust and everything starts to go wrong. Henry has to finally decide how he feels about Patience and her special gift. The townspeople have to look to their own history to see what happens when unfounded suspicion destroys the balance of the natural magic that the Sparrows seem to embody. I loved the people in this book and the way the story played out. There seemed to be a bit of a teaser about one of the sisters which could mean a future book which would be great.

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