Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm having a Rachel Gibson revival.

I went on a Rachel Gibson binge this weekend and loaded 12 of her books onto my Nook. She is one of my favorite romance authors and I have read her books since her first book, "Simply Irresistible" was published in 1998. This book started her series around a fictional hockey team, the Seattle Chinooks. I m re-reading that book at the moment and enjoying it as much as the first time I read it. She has written 6 books in the series, most recently " Any Man of Mine". (Look for a review soon.) I am not a hockey fan but I have learned a lot about hockey terminology and rules of the game reading her books. (Deidre Martin is another hockey romance writer)

Her books are funny and have  interesting plots. "Simply Irresistible" has a tried and true romance plot-one night stand, secret baby, reunite after many years, but it works and doesn't seem stale at at all. I met Rachel at the Book Expo in New York a few years ago and she was very nice, willing to talk to people and dish about future books. She has written other books that are contemporary romance but not part of a series.

We have a couple of her books here at RPL and now that I have them on my Nook, I will have to dig out my copies and donate them to the library so other people can enjoy them. In the meantime, we can get them from other libraries. She is a perfect author to read for the summer-light and contemporary with a dash of humor!

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