Thursday, April 14, 2011

Enjoyed an old favorite on audio-Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The other day, one of  my favorite authors, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, posed a trivia question about one of her books on her facebook page. Gasp!! I was unable to answer! It was from Kiss An Angel, a book I had read several years ago but hadn't revisited.  So I grabbed my audio copy, read by the wonderful Anna Fields, and started listening to it.  Of course, once I started I couldn't wait to finish, so I ditched the audio and read it on my Nook. Then, the really sad part is..... I finished listening to it again in my car.

Kiss An Angel is the story of Daisy Devereaux, a ditsy 20 something ,who has lived with her fashiom model mother until said mothers unfortunate demise. She makes some bad financial decisions and her estranged father saves her with conditions. She must marry Alex Markov, who turns out to be a hard nosed circus performer. Daisy has a really, really, hard time adjusting to the traveling circus life.  Alex has secrets about his childhood and family history. There's a cute baby elephant named Tater and a tiger named Sinjunn who figure prominently. Suffice it to say, it all works out.

I have to state that Susan Elizabeth Phillips (SEP to her fans known as Seppies) is a joy to read or listen to.  Her books are full of quirky humor and at the same time, there is a real undestanding about how people can be lonely, or feel less than those around them. Her books have people with complicated relationships and there are characters who are pretty nasty but are never one dimensional. When you are done with one of her books, you feel good. We have several at RPL but we can get others from other libraries. Take one out and read it over a weekend and I guarantee you will go to work on Monday in a better mood.

Here's a link to SEP talking about things- it's a perfect introduction to her wonderful self-   Enjoy!

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