Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Thoughts on Being a Book Addict

I am listening to a book on CD called  The Perfect Proposal by an English author named Katie Fforde.  I started reading her books in 2000, beginning with a book titled Thyme Out ( Second Thyme Around in the UK) and I was hooked.  I now own all 17 of her books in hardcover and have most of them in audio as well.

When my daughter was student teaching in London, and I had a chance to visit her, I don't know if I was more excited to see her or get to a book store for my first audiobook of Ms. Fforde's. Just kidding ..... As it turned out, I did get one book there but I was able to get most of her older audiobooks from area libraries.  Who knew!  I even found some of the really old ones on Ebay on tape which I converted to CD with my computer.  I just ordered her new book from Amazon UK because it will take a year to get here to the US and I can't wait that long.

Katie Fforde is one of my book addictions- I still check Ebay daily for the audio version of two of her books that I haven't been able to get. I stayed up one night until 3AM to beat out another bidder on an auction from the UK that closed at that awful hour.  The really bad thing is that when I went over there to see my daughter, I emailed Ms. Fforde to see if she was doing a book talk anywhere in the London area during the dates I was there.  She was very nice and responded back that, alas, she was not going to be in the area during that time.  She was probably thinking- "dodged that crazy American stalker". Oh well, there is always next time.
Just a note,on the back of the CD it says: "the author asserts their moral rights", which is the UK version of a copyright statement.  Gotta love those Brits!


  1. From one book addict to another....
    Anyway, I cannot stop "collecting" books to read. I have stacks and stacks and stacks. *sigh* The sad part is I start to get anxious if I don't have at least 10 books waiting to be read. I have ebooks waiting to be read, library books waiting to be read, books I bought AGES ago waiting to be read, and now I'm doing blog tours and getting even more books! (Not really complaining, though...)

  2. I just bought one of Katie's books to read on my kindle. I'd never heard of her, but someone compared my writing to I just had to take a read. I'm loving her!

    My debut novel comes out in May. SWEET TEA AND SECRETS....a title just as southern as me :)

    Oh...and I'm right there with you on the ebay addiction. I've been known to forget the value of something entirely in the honor of just winning!
    Fun to meet you. I found out about your blog from a post on Susan Mallery's facebook.

  3. OMG -- just realized your last name is Redfern. My mom's maiden name is Redfern....we might have some crossed branches somewhere along the line!