Thursday, September 29, 2016

I really enjoy reading romance novels!

I work in a library and I have access to thousands of books of all different genres.  But, when I'm stressed or in the mood for a pick me up, I go to the tried and true romance novel. I enjoy biographies, love a well written mystery, even a nicely photographed cook book. But nothing settles my frazzled nerves like a session with Julia Quinn, or Susan Elizabeth Phillips, or Nalini Singh, or even Jane Austen. Even though it is sometimes considered a low form of literature, millions of  romance readers can't be all wrong!

Today I took a class taught by a very enthusiastic young librarian named Caitlin.  I'd taken previous classes from her on different topics and I looked forward to this one. She did not disappoint and she opened my eyes to a  whole group of new authors that I had never heard of and would have to look up. 

I came away from the class with a new enthusiasm to promote romance in our library. Romance is a billion dollar industry and the genre outsells all other genres of fiction by a large margin.

So, tonight I'm going to settle in a re-read a Georgette Heyer book in celebration of the first romance novel I ever read.

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