Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Julia Quinn writes another book that is a perfect blend of romance and humor!

This book begins with the dreaded Smythe-Smith music recital. For Sir Richard Kenworthy, one of the unfortunate musicians seems to be the answer to a problem he has. For reasons unknown, he has to get married and soon. Iris Smythe-Smith catches his eye and he determines to marry her. Iris is a smart cookie and she is rightly suspicious of Sir Richard's motives when he comes courting. But, they did have a good time talking at the recital and he doesn't seem to mind her outspokenness so Iris finds herself falling for him. When Richard compromises Iris and forces the wedding, they both hope for the best. Things seem to be working out well until Iris finds out what a big secret Richard is keeping.

This book has all of the humor and romance that one expects from a Julia Quinn story. Iris is a perfect Quinn heroine, full of spunk and very intelligent. Richard just barely keeps from falling over into the cad category with his motives for marriage but he really is a man with a good heart which redeems him. There is just the right amount of spice in the story and lots of clever conversation. One of the best parts for me is when we finally get to see a rendition of the infamous 12 act unicorn play written by Frances Pleinsworth in "A Night Like This".

This book is a wonderful addition to a great series but can be read by a new reader with no problem. But I have to say, if you can,  read all of the books in the series because you won't regret it!

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