Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cute read- Cooking Up Love by Amylynn Bright

A very cute love story centered around cooking obviously!  Holly Darcy is a food critic and would be romance author who can't cook and Mark Bennett is a chef who won't cook because one of Holly's reviews was the nail in the coffin for his first restaurant. They meet when Holly takes Mark's cooking class. The food isn't the only thing that is heating up- Holly and Mark generate some heat on their own. Of course, neither one knows who the other is until they already are deep into a relationship.

I enjoyed this book because it had a good plot, a nice touch of humor and enough spiciness to keep my interest. I also liked how the author resolved the major conflict between the two without making Holly totally the bad guy. Too often, these books go for the easy ending and don't recognize the faults on both sides. The ending was a perfect fit for the book and the characters.

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