Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot- One of my favorite series!

Another adventure in “the Death Dorm”!  Heather Wells, onetime pop princess, is now the head of Residential Services at Fischer Hall.  Fischer Hall has been the site of several murders and has acquired the nickname of “the Death Dorm”. Heather is juggling the arrangements for her long awaited wedding to Cooper Cartwright and the tribulations of coordinating the beginning of the school year at New York College. Students are usually running the other way trying not to get into Fischer. This year, Fischer is the dorm to be in this year because of the arrival of a Middle Eastern Crown Prince and that brings a whole other set of problems.  When a RA is found dead in her room, Heather finds herself in the middle of another murder case.
One of the things I love about this series is the sassy attitude Heather has about her job and the upper administration of the college.  Her coworkers are pretty funny for the most part and Heather’s boss, Lisa, is going through a personal crisis in addition to the latest dead body discovery in the dorm. All of the shenanigans pulled by Cooper’s twin sisters to make the wedding fun for Heather add to the mayhem and pluck Heather’s last nerve. I enjoy the give and take between Heather and Cooper and how he is able to keep her calm and focused on their wedding. His character is just such a nice influence but Cooper can be a toughie when needed- usually to defend Heather.
There are all kinds of subplots winding through this latest books and a few red herrings to keep it interesting. Readers of the entire series will enjoy this book and the culmination of Heather and Cooper’s romance.  Newer readers will find enough back story to enjoy the book without feeling lost.  I am looking forward to Heather and Cooper’s future adventures!

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  1. This sounds great! I haven't read anything in this series, yet- but I like that this has so much to offer. I like that I could start this one without reading the others, but I will probably start from the beginning. :) Thanks for sharing!